Metals, Crystals and Bragg Diffraction

These slides give an overview of metallic structure and conduction. The concept of a crystal lattice is also introduced, in addition to the method of x-ray diffraction (pioneered by William and William Bragg) which was used to determine the crystal structure of metals.

Keynote slides


2 thoughts on “Metals, Crystals and Bragg Diffraction

  1. Hey sir. There’s a question with a rod moving through a magnetic field and it says ‘how is an emf induced in the rod?’. What would your answer to that be? It’s talking about like the delocalised electrons and the interaction of magnetic field and I kinda get it but dot know how to say it.

    • You’re on the right track. Talk about how there is moving charge (the delocalised elections which are moving because the rod is moving) in a magnetic field. The charge will experience a force due to the motor effect. Hence an emf

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