HSC overview

The HSC Physics course (ie. year 12)  has three core topics and one option topic. The core topics are listed below, each containing a link to the Board of Studies syllabus for the topic. One syllabus link is also provided for all the option topics.

  • Space. This is the study of gravity and how it effects planets, satellites, and the motion of projectiles. Einstein’s special relativity, and the related progression from an aether model is also included in the topic. Syllabus
  • Motors and Generators. This is the study of both electricity and magnetism, and a study of how electricity and magnetism interact. The course has a particular emphasis on how these are principles are used in the development of motors and generators. Syllabus
  • From ideas to implementation. This topic covers some of the most significant advances in the field of physics over the last century, and some technologies which have developed from these advances. Including: cathode rays (television), band structure (semiconductors, computers), superconductivity and the quantisation of energy.  Syllabus
  • Option topics. There are five options: Geophysics, Medical Physics, Astrophysics, From Quanta to Quarks, and The age of Silicon. You may view them all at the following link. Syllabus