Preliminary Overview

The preliminary physics course (ie. year 11)  has four topics.  They are listed below, each containing a link to the Board of Studies syllabus for the topic.

  • The World Communicates. This is the study of sound waves, electromagnetic waves, reflection, refraction, and the application of waves in technology.  Other related quantities include refractive index, period, frequency, wavelength and intensity. Syllabus
  • Electrical Energy in the Home. This is the study of electricity, including voltage, current, power, resistance, electric fields, electric charge, and electromagnetism.  The course will cover AC and DC circuits and include detailed analysis of series and parallel circuits. Syllabus
  • Moving About. This is a study of motion, including velocity, acceleration, displacement, force, momentum, kinetic energy, potential energy, work and Newton’s three laws.  Syllabus
  • The Cosmic Engine. This topic is about the universe, and includes the formation of the universe, lifecycle of stars, blackbody radiation and historical understandings of the universe.  Syllabus